Monday, December 15, 2008

Did the pharoahs play any games?

You would think that the Pharaohs wouldn't have time to play any games. Guess again!!! They actually(In my words!) Sat in there lazy chair and played a game over and over and over again called Senet. It's a game board that has 30 squares on it laid out in 3 rows of 10. Some squares had symbols on them that meant bad or good fortune. The winner was the first one to get all there pieces off the game board! The winner was also the one who had the better afterlife. Sometimes the game Senet was even buried with them to make sure they could have fun in the afterlife!?!?!?-CREEPY!!!

What did adults do for leisurely?

Men and women hunted using bows and arrows, sticks, spears and nets. Hippopotamuses and lions were hunted. Also, sports like running, wrestling, and stick fighting with sticks were popular. They played boardgames like senet. Some games were buried with the dead to offer fun in the afterlife!

Who had the parties and what did you do at them?

Rich people had the parties with lots of entertainment! Like dancers, musicians, and singers! Imagine 10 buffets in a row, with all the food you can eat!!! That is how much food is at ONE party. For drinks they would have beer and wine and again a lot of it!! Lots of parties were for no reason really. For some though you would have them for religious reasons the god would be carried to the party in great temples in a amazing procession. Offerings to the gods of food were given out at the party!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What is the same instrument that the Egyptians and Americans play?

I want you to close your eyes and just imagine a quiet Saabi music. Wait was is this saabi music?? It's a mixture of Arabic and European music and it wonderful. It makes you feel relaxed. Then out of no where comes dancers wearing bright colorful costumes! Egypt must have been way before there time because they had a lot more instruments than any other country! There had all types of string instruments like the Oud, Qanun, and Pipes. Some non-string instruments are the Oboe, Trumpet, and Drum. So my question to you is "What instruments were played in Egypt that are played here?!?!

What is a difference between American activities and Egyptian activities?

Since, I think you already know what kind of actives we do in our life as Americans, I'm just going to tell you what all ages did in there daily life! As a young child in Egypt you would play lots of games with close friends and your siblings(if they weren't a pain!!) Here are some of the games you would play:

  • Piggyback

  • Leapfrog

  • Tug of war

  • Tops

  • Played with dolls

  • Wooden toy animals

They would also play Tag, but this tag is different the loser would have to carry around the winner where ever they wanted to go!!

What are areas of strength for this blog?

What is an area for improvment of this blog?